Pastor Stephen Grant Novels

by Ray Keating

About Ray Keating

Ray Keating has been called “a great novelist” by the host of “BookTalk” radio, and reviewers have compared his thrillers to the works of Clancy, Ludlum, Grisham, Cussler, and Morrell.

A reviewer in The Washington Times wrote: "What Ian Fleming's 007 series has probably done for ex-MI-6 agents and Tom Clancy has done for retired CIA officers, Mr. Keating has done for the minority of former CIA agents who have served their country by working in the intelligence community, but now wish to serve God... Mr. Keating also allows you to discover how each of his characters tick in a style and tone reminiscent of some of the best-loved books of all time."

The editor-in-chief of WORLD magazine, Marvin Olasky, wrote in the June 28, 2014, issue: "Most of my favorite detective or spy novel authors have written series of books. As it’s hard to declare one particular book in a series to be best of show, I’ll simply list 10 secular and 10 Christian authors." And among his top 10 Christian novelists? Ray Keating, author of the Pastor Stephen Grant series.

So far, Keating has published 14 adventures featuring Stephen Grant. The first was WARRIOR MONK, the second ROOT OF ALL EVIL?, the third AN ADVENT FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY, the fourth THE RIVER, the fifth MURDERER'S ROW, the sixth WINE INTO WATER, the seventh LIONHEARTS, the eighth REAGAN COUNTRY, the ninth HEROES AND VILLAINS, the tenth SHIFTING SANDS, the eleventh DEEP ROUGH, the twelfth THE TRAITOR, the thirteenth VATICAN SHADOWS, and the fourteenth PAST LIVES.

MURDERER'S ROW was named KFUO's BookTalk "Book of the Year" for 2015, and THE RIVER was a "Book of the Year" finalist.

And more Stephen Grant adventures are on the way!

Keating also is an economist, an author of various nonfiction books, and a podcaster. Among his most recent nonfiction books are Behind Enemy Lines: Conservative Communiques from Left-Wing New York, and Free Trade Rocks! 10 Points on International Trade Everyone Should Know. In addition, he is the editor/publisher/columnist for Keating was a columnist with, and a former weekly columnist for Newsday, Long Island Business News, and the New York City Tribune. His work has appeared in a wide range of additional periodicals, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, New York Post, Los Angeles Daily News, The Boston Globe, National Review, The Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily, New York Daily News, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Tribune, Providence Journal Bulletin,, Touchstone magazine,, Newsmax, and Cincinnati Enquirer