Pastor Stephen Grant Novels
by Ray Keating

Fan Reviews

Thanks so much to the fans - actually, the friends - who have taken the time to purchase and read the Pastor Stephen Grant novels. Below are some of the kind fan/friend reviews that have appeared in assorted places. We'll be updating these on a regular basis. Again, thanks and God bless!

“I like how the characters seem like real people. It doesn't read like a typical Christian fiction book. And the story is good. I love good storytelling.” - Facebook reviewer

“I've read every one of his books and love each one, always awaiting the next one.” - Facebook reviewer

“I have read all seven and am waiting for the next one.” - Facebook reviewer

"LOVE these books - FINALLY a Christian author the men readers can really enjoy! And the author is a Reds fan! Yes!."  - Jeff on Facebook

"We love these books and recommend them to lots of our friends!"  - Judy on Facebook

"As usual, Ray Keating's latest book did not disappoint. He has become my favorite author."  - David on

"The hero in this book is a former CIA agent who is an LCMS pastor! It's a scream."  - Todd on

"I've bought and read all six. Ready for another, please sir."  - Randolph on Facebook

"Good stuff."  - Leslie on Facebook

“The first of Ray Keating's Pastor Stephen Grant novels, Warrior Monk catches your attention from page one. It reads like one of Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp adventures, dishing out details and action at a fast pace. And in the midst of that action Keating manages to brilliantly present the reader with thought provoking truths. Sometimes factual nuggets, seemingly little things that are not pondered nearly enough, something about church architecture or a relational reality particular to men who hold the pastoral office. At other times he deals with larger topics such as church doctrine and practice. As the story unfolds Keating presents the Christian faith in a real way that any reader will appreciate, exposing differences and difficulties between varying denominations and between the Church and the world without distraction. This perfect backdrop propels the protagonist, and the reader, into the challenges of the book.
          "It’s a spectacular ride steeped in theological intrigue! As a fan of G.K. Chesterton I delighted in the similarities between Keating’s Pastor Stephen Grant and Chesterton’s Father Brown. In the 20th century Chesterton, a journalist (among other things), gave the world a detective priest. In the 21st another journalist (among other things), Keating, gave the world a spy-turned-pastor. Grant is not without his Flambeau either. Both characters being the perfect mouthpiece for the authors to speak to the ills of the world in their day and age.
          "The chapters are brief, which makes ingesting the story between the interruptions that are always working to pull this reader out of the adventure a breeze. Chapters four and five deliver the goods. I’ll never sing A Mighty Fortress Is Our God the same way. What a mental picture! The fun never stops. Truly from cover to cover you’re in for a treat. I can’t wait to dive into the next Pastor Stephen Grant novel.”  -Tyrel on

“I was curious as to how an ex CIA could transition to a Lutheran Pastor.... and be believable. Ray Keating has done an excellent job! I was pleasantly surprised that this book wasn't corny or cliche at all.”  – Kat on

​“Most Christian fiction leaves a lot to be desired. This book will appeal to non-Christians as well. Warrior Monk is about real people with real desires, emotions and feelings. I am anxious to read the other books in the series. Readers won't be disappointed.”  – S. on

​“Awesome read! Ray Keating knows how to draw you in and keep you interested! Pastor Stephen Grant is a great character! I highly recommend this book!” – J. on

​“The best book I have read in a long time. I could not put it down. I would highly recommend reading this book. Gives you a lot to think about.”  - Marcia on

​“Once you pick on up you can't stop reading Keating's novels. Great read!” –David on

​“Adventure with solid Christian theology. How can you top that? To have an adventure hero who wants to help save souls through Christ and faith is to say the least unique.” –Patricia on

​“With each novel Keating refines and adds to his characters personalities from his previous books. His descriptions of action scenes are as good as any other thriller author I have read. The unique character of Pastor Grant and his abilities as a servant of Christ and his past as a navy seal and CIA agent is unsurpassed in this type of novel. I can't wait until the next book comes out.” - Mary on

​“Once again Keating has written a stylish thriller with a number of interesting sub plots. Also he presents interesting modern day dilemma's without being preachy! Enthusiastic thumbs up!” – Jaime on

"My review of Keating's previous book noted he was a good author and almost to the level of Clancy. Murderer's Row puts him there. The plot is complex and multilayered. The tension is strong. The pace moves well, enough to keep me reading all day in order to finish. As an added plus, the plot involves crooked politicians, conservative philosophy, Lutheran LCMS theology, spies, guns, and -- best of all -- baseball. How could you ask for more?"   - Joseph on

"I read all the Pastor Stephen Grant novels. Murderer's Row maintained the fine tradition of great reads. Can't wait for the next one to come out. Great cast of characters that maintain continuity between books but you can read any one out of order. I preferred to start and the beginning and read each in order. Love the way it ties in Pr. Grant's prior Navy SEAL service, followed by his CIA service to his service as a LCMS pastor with Catholic and Anglican priests as close friends. Action, intrigue and solid theology combined."  - William on

"Great reading for Christians who like adventure, intrigue, and mystery, along with the saving grace of God being proclaimed throughout the book!"  - Kathy on Facebook

"Interesting character studies and the interaction between characters. Enjoy reading novels that are entertaining and clean."  - Beth on

"The best book I have read in a long time. I could not put it down. I would highly recommend reading this book. Gives you a lot to think about."  - Marcia on

"Awesome read!"  - J on