Ray Keating:

Guest Speaker at Your Event

Over the years, as a novelist, newspaper and online columnist, professor and economist, Ray Keating has been a featured speaker at events across the nation. (He's even testified before Congress more than 20 times.) But he most enjoys speaking about the Pastor Stephen Grant thrillers and related topics.

Keating explains, "During my speaking engagements relating to the Pastor Stephen Grant novels, I not only touch on what the books are about and how I came to write them, but also about the process of writing, the business of writing and publishing, how I try to write a different kind of Christian fiction, and Christianity in popular culture."

Keating's speaking topics include:

• the genesis, background, key characters and points, and future of the Pastor Stephen Grant novels;

• writing not-your-typical Christian fiction;

• how can Christians constructively engage with an indifferent or even hostile popular culture – and why they must;

• why it’s a great time to be a writer and a reader;

• why writers must embrace the business of writing – yes, including marketing;

• and more.

If you have interest in setting up a speaking engagement, please feel free to contact Ray at raykeating@keatingreports.com or at 631-909-1122.

Pastor Stephen Grant Novels
by Ray Keating