Pastor Stephen Grant Novels
by Ray Keating

Heroes and Villains
A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story

by Ray Keating

As a onetime Navy SEAL, a former CIA operative and a pastor, many people call Stephen Grant a hero. At various times defending the Christian Church and the United States over the years, he has journeyed across the nation and around the world. But now Grant finds himself in an entirely unfamiliar setting – a comic book, science fiction and fantasy convention. But he still joins forces with a unique set of heroes in an attempt to foil a villainous plot against one of the all-time great comic book writers and artists.

HEROES AND VILLAINS is the first Pastor Stephen Grant short story, and it is jam-packed with action, adventure, controversy and much more!


"Keating manages to instill the same suspense of his other epic thrillers into this unlikely little gem. As he always does, Pastor Grant brings bravado and humility to the table at the same time, instilling the book with morality, action and thought-provoking revelations from start to finish. Keating’s creativity and storytelling ability remain on point, for a fun and different take on Pastor Grant, and one that’s just as satisfying as longer books in the series."  

                                                                                               - Self-Publishing Review