Shifting Sands:

A Pastor Stephen Grant Short Story

by Ray Keating


​​SHIFTING SANDS is the second page-turning short story by award-winning novelist Ray Keating, and the tenth thriller/mystery featuring Pastor Stephen Grant. 
Beach volleyball is about fun, sun and sand. But when a big-time tournament arrives on a pier in New York City, danger and international intrigue are added to the mix. Stephen Grant, a former Navy SEAL, onetime CIA operative, and current pastor, is on the scene with his wife, friends and former CIA colleagues. While battles on the volleyball court play out, deadly struggles between good and evil are engaged on and off the sand. 
Keating weaves together a fascinating tale of action, faith, humor, terrorism, duty, friendship, conflict, and beach volleyball.

Self-Publishing Review says, "Pastor Stephen Grant always manages to find himself in the middle of a thriller, and author Ray Keating has created yet another complicated plot for his favorite protagonist in Shifting Sands.

"Although considerably shorter than many of this series’ full-length novels, this quick read features Pastor Grant and a cadre of his old friends taking in the sights of an outdoor volleyball tournament with a deadly secret. As is so often the case with Keating’s hero, it isn’t going to be a peaceful getaway for the intrepid holy man, not with a terrorist plot brewing amidst the sun and fun...

"Keating compresses what could be a full-length novel into a tightly packaged and page-turning mystery that hums with energy – as is always the case with this series. Rich descriptions, detailed background research, and a confident storytelling tone continue to serve Pastor Grant and his loyal readers exceptionally well. Recommended for fans of the series or as an introduction to Keating’s engaging protagonist."

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